The CACI Ultra system incorporates four different technologies within one state of the art treatment device, Microcurrent, Ultrasonic Peel, Hydratone and LED Light Therapy photo stimulation.

The multifunctional CACI Ultra combines the facial toning functions of the award winning CACI Classic non surgical face lift system with the skin regenerating applications of the world acclaimed Futur-Tec system. The colour touch screen interface provides a selection menu of over 40 pre-set treatment programmes for softening lines and wrinkles, facial toning, hand rejuvenation, stretch marks and improving acne blemishes.

Following the first treatment, you can expect dull skin to appear brighter, but a course of ten treatments is recommended for serious age-busting results. With results lasting up to six weeks, no wonder it's the procedure of choice for many an A lister!


CACI Non Surgical Face-lift (1 hour)
The CACI Non-Surgical facelift is an advanced, non-invasive facial, with twenty years medical research behind it. The treatment can deliver visible results without the need for surgery. Tiny electrical impulses will lift and tone the facial muscles, whilst improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

One session: £42.50
Course of ten sessions: £400.00


Super CACI Non Surgical Face-lift (1 hour 15 minutes)
The Super CACI is perfect for those clients who want an intense version of the 1 hour non surgical facelift for enhanced results. Allowing an extra 15 minutes to concentrate on areas of muscle laxity, aimed at mature skin types and those with specific concerns.

One session: £55.00
Course of ten sessions: £525.00


CACI Eye Revive (30 - 45 minutes)
This treatment will work to soothe tired and puffy eyes, combats dark circles, reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

One session: £30.00
Course of ten sessions: £270.00


CACI Jowl Lift (30 minutes)
The CACI Jowl lift has been developed to specifically target muscle laxity around the jawline. The quad probes specially designed to lift and firm the muscles and refine facial contours.

One session: £30.00
Course of ten sessions: £280.00
Can be used as part of the Non Surgical Facelift, add £10 onto price of facial.


CACI UltraSonic Peel (Skin Rejuvenation - 45 minutes)
This revolutionary system uses waves of energy to dislodge dead skin cells gently exfoliating the epidermis. This unique peel helps destroy skin bacteria and also enhances the absorbtion of products into the skin stimulating circulation.

One session: £40.00
Course of ten sessions: £380.00


CACI Ultra Anti-ageing Facial (1 hour 30 minutes)
The CACI Ultra is an effective non surgical treatment method to redefine facial contours, plump out deep lines and wrinkles as well as tackle a range of skin imperfections. It is the very first treatment system to combine Microcurrent facial toning, UltraSonic skin peeling and LED photo rejuvenation.

One session: £75.00
Course of ten sessions: £700.00


CACI Wrinkle Revolution (30 minutes)
The Non-invasive, Needle Free Alternative to Collagen Injections and Dermal Fillers. Softens and smoothes the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

One session: £25.00
Course of ten sessions: £230.00


CACI Hydratone Mask (15 minutes)
Helps to lift and tone the face and neck muscles, calms, plumps and hydrates the skin using collagen and other ingredients.
One session: £15.00
Course of ten sessions: £140.00
Can be incorporated into any other CACI facial for an additional £10.


Electro Cellulite Massager (30 minutes)
The Electro Cellulite Massager will give you instant lifting and contouring on the buttocks, as well as toning the thighs. ECM will improve the appearance of cellulite and breaking down fatty deposits. It will stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage, which will help to flush toxins away giving the skin a smoother, tighter and brighter dimple free complexion.

One session: £30.00
Course of ten sessions: £270.00
Great as a pre-holiday treatment.